A historic and ground breaking concept of African couture pioneered by Hamid Mahjid Bun-Seisay.  This project serves as a prerequisite to drive the cycle of generational change by the imperative need to meet the desires of people from different parts of Africa and for a definitive and genuine African change to blend with  our cultural difference and style.


The name Harique Vazi derived from the combination of the names of one of my  son’s (Harique: came from Haroun, Sharique) and Vazi (A Swahili word meaning “WEAR”). As a fashion person i realise that i spent a lot of my spare time looking and comparing the designs of great Western designers and i realise my passion for fashion is growing wider. I started looking at various African designers and their use of colours and mixtures of just african fabric and accessories. As a result of this my love  for fashion began to grown within. After several trips to Tanzania, Ghana, Morocco, Guinea, Australia, America and other parts of Europe. With my background growing up between tailors and garment makers in Sierra Leone, I knew that more can be done to improve this industry that I am growing to love. 


Following all this, Harique Vazi was born.

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